Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

We are looking for a CTO who will be responsible for leading our cross-functional teams through the product development cycle from concept to design, validation and regulatory approval through to delivery of a fully developed product, ready for market. This position offers the opportunity to join the executive team in a potential and purposeful company.

Job Description

  • lead and direct product inventions, ideas and innovations using engineering and medical device experience;
  • lead and direct product development and enhancement;
  • discover and implement new technologies that provide a competitive advantage for the Group’s products;
  • direct the Group’s engineering teams and development of the Group’s products, including the detailed aspects and application of the products;
  • use stakeholders’ feedback to inform necessary improvements and adjustments to technology;
  • develop strategies for and build trusted and high-value relationships with the advisory board, key collaborators, KOLs, partners and stakeholders;
  • develop technical aspects of the Group’s strategy to ensure alignment with its business goals;
  • build and lead a top-flight technology team to grow the Group, strengthen the Group and ensure its sustainability;
  • represent the Group as required, including attendance at important functions, industry events and public meetings;
  • participate in roadshows and presentations to prospective investors; and
  • report directly to the Executive Committee of the Board.

Candidates are expected to fulfill most of the following requirements:

  • PhD in mechanical engineering or related disciplines;
  • minimum of fifteen (15) years of related experience in the medical device/surgical robotics industry;
  • extensive engineering and medical device research experience in the fields of surgical robotics, minimally surgery and/or artificial intelligence is a must;
  • class III medical product development experience involving clinical trials highly preferred;
  • working knowledge of medical device-related regulatory requirements in markets such as China, India, United States and/or Europe;
  • excellent communication and people management skills;
  • strong entrepreneurial spirit;
  • strong problem-solving mindset;
  • excellent organizational and time management skills; and
  • fluent in English, Mandarin and/or Cantonese speaking is an added advantage.

Primary Working Location:

  • Cyperport, Hong Kong

November 13, 2019

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