Corporate Governance

NISI prioritize high standards of business ethics and corporate governance practices. To streamline our management structure, manage day-to-day operations, and enhance our corporate governance, the following Board Committees are established:

Executive Committee

Chairperson: David T. Wong

Members: Prof. Chung-Kwong Yeung and Leslie Chung

Audit Committee

Chairperson: Prof. Anthony Ting-Yuk Wu

Members: Prof. Steven Chu, Leslie Chung and Prof. Joseph Wan-Yee Lau

Nomination and Corporate Governance Committee

Chairperson: Prof. Joseph Wan-Yee Lau

Members: Prof. Steven Chu, Leslie Chung and Prof. Anthony Ting-Yuk Wu

Remuneration Committee

Chairperson: Prof. Steven Chu

Members: Leslie Chung, Prof. Joseph Wan-Yee Lau and Prof. Anthony Ting-Yuk Wu

We have also established policies and two more committees comprising directors and senior managers to further promote our corporate culture:

Code of Conduct Committee

To uphold the highest ethical standards in all our corporate activities, and oversee the implementation of the code of conduct and address issues regarding conducts.

Equal Opportunity and Diversity Committee

To promote a positive workplace environment with a strong culture of diversity, equal opportunity, inclusion and anti-discrimination for all employees, and oversee the implementation and raise the understanding of equal opportunity and diversity matters.