Press Release: Novel Internally Motorized Notes Capable Surgical Robotic System’s Initiator Opens State-of-the-Art R&D facilities

Press Release: Novel Internally Motorized Notes Capable Surgical Robotic System’s Initiator Opens State-of-the-Art R&D facilities


10 March 2016

Novel Internally Motorized Notes-Capable Surgical Robotic System’s Initiator Opens State-Of-The-Art R&D Facilities

NISI (HK) Limited (“NISI” or the “Company”), a Hong Kong company specializing in non-invasive surgical innovations and the initiator of a novel internally motorized minimally invasive surgical robotic system named “IMAGINE” (previously referred to as NSRS) which is capable of single incision or natural orifice robotic surgery, today opens its state-of-the-art research and development (“R&D”) and training facilities (“Facilities”) at Songshan Lake, Dongguan, People’s Republic of China (the “PRC”) for the continued development of IMAGINE and other related technologies.

The Facilities, which covers a total area of 2,580 square metres, will serve as NISI’s primary location for technological innovations, precision engineering, as well as pilot production of the IMAGINE system prototypes in the PRC. A wide range of technical assessments and functional optimization of the system will be conducted in the Facilities. It will also become the key training centre for bio-technology and engineering staff to acquire the necessary technical know-how for supporting the Company’s development of other related technologies.

Professor Yeung Chung-Kwong (“Professor Yeung”), Founder and Chairman of NISI and Honorary Clinical Professor, Department of Surgery, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong (“HKU”), said: “The Facilities in Dongguan will serve as the flagship location for our non-invasive surgical innovations. The inauguration of the Facilities lays a solid foundation for our Company to steer ahead its mission of developing innovative surgical robotic technology for broader application in the medical field. It is our belief that the Company’s successful introduction of IMAGINE for clinical applications in the future will greatly benefit the patients in the Greater China and Asia Pacific regions.”

The Facilities are equipped with a modern business office, product demonstration and training area, R&D workstations for industrial technology optimization, and Class 10,000 and Class 100,000 GMP-compliant cleanrooms for production of medical devices.

NISI recently held a press conference with The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (“PolyU”) and HKU to announce this significant breakthrough in surgical robotics, a project initiated and funded by NISI since 2012 (the “Project”). IMAGINE is being developed with the engineering support from PolyU and significant input of robotic surgery expertise from Professor Yeung. NISI is entitled to retain 100% ownership of all intellectual property rights arising from the Project.

The Project received a grant from the Innovation and Technology Commission of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (“ITCHK”) in 2014. NISI has undertaken to contribute 60% of the estimated cost for the Project for a period of two years ending July 2016, with the balance of the estimated cost of HK$10 million being sponsored by ITCHK.

IMAGINE is a master-slave system with surgical robotic arms that are driven by internal micro-motors and capable of multiple degrees of freedom in movement. It has been successfully utilised in three consecutive animal surgical experiments carried out by HKU.

About NISI

NISI is a surgical robotic start-up, the principal activities of which include research & development, marketing and sale of non-invasive medical and surgical instrumentations, devices and related businesses. The Company was founded by Professor Yeung, Mr. David T. Wong (NISI’s Managing Director & CEO) and three Hong Kong based angel investors in 2012.

Media enquiries:

Mr Shiu Ka Yue

Tel: +852 2801 6198 / +852 9029 1865


Ms Christine Chan

Tel: +852 2801 6090 / +852 6173 9039


(Attached with photo of officiating guests)


From right to left

Mr Louis Law, Associate General Manager of NISI (HK) Limited; Mr Li Hang, Member of the Party Working Committee and Vice Director of the Managing Committee of the Songshan Lake (Eco-Industrial Park); Mr Song Tao, Consultant of Dongguan Municipal People’s Government,  Chairman and General Manager of Dongguan Biotech Industrial Development Co., Ltd; Mr Leslie Chung Wing-Kok, Founder of NISI (HK) Limited; Mr Poon Bun-Chak, Founder of NISI (HK) Limited; Professor Yeung Chung-Kwong, Founder & Chairman of NISI (HK) Limited; Mr David T. Wong, Founder, Managing Director & CEO of NISI (HK) Limited;  Mr Eugen Elmiger, CEO of maxon motor ag; Mrs Wong Fong Man-Shang, Founder of NISI (HK) Limited; Dr Ng Hoi-Pang, General Manager of NISI (HK) Limited.

March 3, 2016

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