Sustainable and ethical practices are fundamental to our vision

For us, this means developing a sustainable business built on long-term social and environmental considerations.

Corporate social responsibility

NISI is focused on having a strong corporate social responsibility culture. We actively participate in fund-raising activities including volunteer and charity work to support various social programs. We donate to charitable organizations and invite children to participate in our festive events. We are a recipient of the Caring Company Award and we take pride in serving as a role model in fulfilling corporate and social responsibilities.

The value of people

The company is built on people. Our people are our greatest strength and our biggest asset.  We are represented by a diversity of cultures, skills and nationalities. Our employees’ enthusiasm, knowledge and intellectual curiosity are the indispensable elements that underpin the innovation and quality of what we do.


We are committed to doing what we can to improve the work experience for all our team members in areas such as workplace safety, health and wellness. We promote a strong culture of inclusion and anti-discrimination.

Business partners

We expect that our business partners achieve the same high standards of sustainability and ethics-driven management that we set for ourselves.

Environmental sustainability

We are focused on minimising the impact of our business on the environment and ensuring sustainable practices. This includes in our manufacturing process and dealing with used devices.